New Patrick Kenneally exhibition at Kava, Kinvara

New Patrick Kenneally exhibition at Kava, Kinvara


Kinvara Area Visual Arts will host a new exhibition of work by artist Patrick Kenneally.

“Boireann” explores the landscape of the Burren through the eyes and mind of the artist as he arranges space and colour to define the impact of the landscape in a semi abstract, impressionist manner.

Patrick is graduate of Limerick College of Art and Design and as well as being a practicing artist, teaches art in Seamount College, Kinvara. Living and working in the Burren region all his life, he has sought to bring a bold colour palette to a region that may at first glance lack such vibrancy of colour until one takes a closer look. Much like the impressionists’ viewpoint, the land, water and sky serve to refract the colour prism.

Depending on the time of day, light and weather, the landscape gives a multitude of combinations for the artist’s inspiration.

“An exaggerated interpretation of colour, form and light fill my palette from hazy morning shimmers to the last light of the day,” said the Clare born artist. “To have such beauty and inspiration on your doorstep is truly a privilege.”

“Many of the works were created during lockdown and were painted from memory and this has allowed me more freedom of expression and interpretation of the lay of the land as well as the other elements of the artwork,” Patrick added.

“The artist provides the filter between the viewer and the view” “Boireann” runs from July 31st to August 9th at KAVA Courthouse Gallery, Kinvara, Co. Galway. 11am to 4pm daily.