Anger at ‘insensitive’ April fools suicide post

Anger at ‘insensitive’ April fools suicide post


The piers at Doolin, Co Clare

Local tourism groups in Doolin, along with members of the general public, have expressed anger at a post on Facebook on Wednesday appearing to make fun of tragic deaths at the Cliffs of Moher.

What appeared as an April Fools ‘joke’ has been branded as ‘offensive’, ‘disgusting’ and ‘wholly inappropriate’ by the many who responded to the message.

The post on the ‘Doolin – Visit Doolin’ page, which is not believed to represent the North Clare village or local tourism groups or businesses, suggested that “health and Safety changes from Cliffs of Moher will result in the height of the cliffs being reduced by 200 metres.”

The post suggests that this would see a reduction in the number of suicides at the popular beauty spot.

The controversial post has since been removed from the page.

A spokesperson for Doolin Tourism said in a statement: “Since April 1st a Facebook page claiming to be representing Doolin has drawn attention to itself by publishing a disgraceful and upsetting April’s Fool post. The post has been reported by various news and media outlets since then.”

Doolin Tourism, as a co-operative of local businesses, is the only official organisation that promotes Doolin as a destination and has no connection with the “Doolin – Visit Doolin” page whatsoever. Doolin Tourism is the only page that represents Doolin and its businesses and strongly condemns the words and actions of the imposter.

It has been a long, continuous battle for Doolin Tourism and our community to get the offending page and its other associated pages removed permantently, as it is causing extreme stress to our community and now the wider public. An Garda Síochána have been made aware of the situation on several occasions throughout the years but have advised there is nothing they can do.

The page has been reported to Facebook many times over the years as well as their posts, and even though they have been taken down temporarily at times, Facebook continues to allow this page to share hate speech and disturbing content. We hope that what happened yesterday isn’t repeated and that the offending page is removed permanently this time.

We would like to reassure the people who love Doolin so much, at home and abroad, that Doolin will always remain the friendly and welcoming village that they know. Doolin Tourism is working hard at promoting Doolin and nurturing the heart and soul of the village. We would like encourage you all to engage with Doolin Tourism and watch our video “Heart of Doolin” which really shows what Doolin is about : loving and caring people.”