Peter’s preparations for world circumnavigation continuing

Peter’s preparations for world circumnavigation continuing


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Saturday, May 8th – The mast has now been refitted to WaxWing.

Wednesday, April 28th – The next significant development in Peter Lawless’s preparations for his August departure occurred yesterday when his yacht Waxwing was returned to the water after spending the past eight months undergoing at Kilrush boat yard.

Peter remains on track for his August departure date but continues to complete works to prepare for his epic trip. Peter plans commence sea trials in coming months.

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A Limerickman will set sail from Kilrush next August on a non-stop, round-the-world journey on a yacht.

Peter Lawless will sail solo, non-stop and unassisted from Ireland back to Ireland via the 5 great capes using a sextant and paper charts as his primary navigation tools. His journey will begin and finish in Kilrush.

If successful, Peter will become the first Irish person to complete a solo non-stop circumnavigation of the world.

“I estimate the trip will take approximately 8 months nonstop. My yacht, Waxwing, is a Rival 41, she is a standard production offshore cruising yacht that I have upgraded for the challenge, She is perfect for this circumnavigation and has previously completed one,” Peter said.

“Since I was a child, I have always loved survival movies, stories and books. Solo sailing for me is the ultimate survival challenge. You have to be everything, sailor, navigator, mechanic, cook and keep everything working perfectly as well as sailing safely across the oceans.

​I have always wanted to sail around the world, every aspect of the challenge is exciting for me. In 1996 my Father came back after a 3-year solo circumnavigation at the age of 70, sailing into Kilrush Marina. He was a huge inspiration for me and we were all so proud of him,” Peter added.

Pater has had to take courses and exams over the years and one of them was his Yacht master ocean course where he learned celestial navigation and the use of the sextant.

“There is something lovely about looking at a paper chart and marking your position along a route,” he said.

​”This solo circumnavigation is a big challenge and not a decision I made overnight but I have a great boat, fantastic family and friends behind me and with good preparation and equipment it will be incredible,” Peter added.

Peter is currently undertaking works on the yacht at the Kilrush Marine Boat Yard in preparation for the trip.

Peter’s epic journey will begin and end in Kilrush. If you would like to be involved in the record breaking attempt, please donate to Peter’s GoFundMe Account. Your donations will keep his boat sailing across the globe and back home safely to Ireland.

If you would like your Business name on Waxwing as Peter sails around the world, you can contact the team directly or by email.

You call follow Peter on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and check out his website where he will also be documenting his journey from start to finish including all the ongoing works and upgrades completed on Waxwing.

The Clare Herald will also provide updates and the progress of his preparations for the journey as well as during the trip.