Shannon Group not responsible for appointing its Board Members

Shannon Group not responsible for appointing its Board Members


Mary Considine, Deputy CEO, Shannon Group

Shannon Group plc have confirmed that the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport must sanction appointments to its Board of Directors.

Cllr Gerry Flynn has been campaigning for an elected representative to be added to the board of the semi-state company, claiming “a deficit in democracy” exists by having no such representative.

His motion discussed at the January meeting of Clare County Council has been passed on to Shannon Group plc and the Department headed up by Dublin Rathdown T.D. Shane Ross.

The Clare Herald has obtained a letter from Shannon Group responding to the local authority which specifies the role it has in appointing personnel to its board.

In the letter, Mary Considine, Deputy CEO of Shannon Group stated that appointments “are processed by way of a competition conducted by the Public Appointments Service, which in turn furnishes a name or names for consideration by the Minister”.

Ms Considine added, “The position regarding the Board of the Shannon Group is provided for in section 16 of the State Airports Act 2014. It is the function of the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport to appoint the Directors of the Shannon Group plc other than the Chief Executive who is ex officio a director”.

On the 18th of January, Clare County Council received a letter from Minister Ross’ private secretary acknowledging the letter and it said that a reply from Ross would be issues “as soon as possible”. As of Friday February 10th no letter was yet forthcoming.