Free local events in West Clare for Mental Health...

West Clare Mental Health Association will host a series of free local events to mark Mental Health Week 2022 and World Mental Health Day...

Health – Detox without the drama

By Siobhán Carroll – BA; Dip Nat; Dip Herb; MANP; MGNC From fasting to sacrificing solid food in favour of super-green smoothies, the idea of a...

Health – Menopause needn’t mean misery

By Siobhán Carroll – BA; Dip Nat; Dip Herb; MANP; MGNC As you mop your brow following no doubt another interrupted night’s sleep, I’m sure it will...

Samaritans visit Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival

Volunteers from Samaritan's Festival Branch will be at Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival from the this weekend to offer emotional support to anyone in need. The Lisdoonvarna...

Funding for community health and wellbeing projects

Clare County Council recognises the importance of supporting initiatives around the county that promote population health and wellbeing.
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Health – Back to School in Good Health

You’ve survived six or more weeks of keeping them amused through the summer holidays, now prepare to do battle with… the classroom - By Siobhán Carroll

Cyclists challenged to back Men’s Mental Health

Cycle Against Suicide, a national suicide prevention charity, is fighting stigmas around masculinity and mental health.

Health – Natural treatments for eczema

Itchy, dry skin? Eczema is the name given to a group of conditions that cause skin to become itchy, inflamed, or have a rash-like appearance. There are seven types of eczema but atopic eczema is by far the most common. Skin is typically red, dry and itchy.